5 Ways SMEs can Reduce Printing Costs

There is a money sucker lurking in your office. Its presence is so subtle that you often don’t realize the magnitude of its impact on your bottom line. High costs that add up over time are strongly attributed to your printers and photocopiers. In fact, research shows that these money suckers are “the third highest […]

4 E-commerce Trends that will Keep Customers Coming Back

Research shows that ecommerce increases by about 23% annually. Online shopping is the new fad and more ecommerce stores are being created than ever before. With more ecommerce stores being created, it is no surprise that some SMEs are struggling to achieve a high ROI from their ecommerce stores. Creating a successful ecommerce store requires […]

Printer Security: Is Printing Really Secure?

Data security is a crucial concern. With each passing day, we depend more on technology. This dependence, unfortunately, leaves us open to several threats. Oftentimes we focus on these threats on our laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. However, printers are equally as susceptible to attacks as these other devices. In February 2017, for instance, a […]

Top 7 Most Powerful Business Trends of 2017

The world has dramatically changed. Technology has transformed the way we live, work, and do business. Entrepreneurs who want to stay ahead of the game must keep abreast with the latest trends. This article presents some of the most powerful business trends for 2017 that will help you establish an unshakable brand. Millennials Will Occupy […]

How Does Mobile Printing helps to Increase Your Office Productivity

There is hardly any organization out there that does not face the pressure of the need for reduction in costs while at the same time, boosting employees’ efficiency. When there is improved efficiency, it, in turn, leads to significantly increased productivity. What some businesses are not aware of is that all these can be achieved […]