3 Benefits of Cloud-Based Filing for SMEs

Cloud-based filing has revolutionized the way teams companies do business. It boosts productivity and efficiency when it is effectively used. A discussion about the benefits of cloud-based filing, however, cannot begin without first understanding what it is. Simply put, cloud-based filing provides each user with a specified amount of storage space on a server. The user can use this storage space to upload and collaborate on documents, videos, spreadsheets, and slideshows. Companies that use cloud-based filing effectively are able to drastically reduce their printing costs. This article discusses 3 benefits of cloud-based filing that can boost productivity in your SME.

#1 Greater Collaboration
Research conducted by the Lucid Meetings Blog in 2015 showed that between 36 and 56 million meetings are held in the US daily. Cloud-based filing can greatly reduce this number since people are able to share and comment on documents in real-time. Consider this example. You have the top 5 people in your small company working on a grant proposal. The team leader creates a Google Docs file and assigns each component of the proposal to the team members. While creating the document, each team member provides suggestions and comments about what the other team members are typing. They continue working on it at home and are able to produce a final document within 2 days.

Imagine using a series of meetings to get the proposal done. Each person would be working on his or her own file. There would be a lot of back and forth. Using Google Docs to create the file in real-time made the process more productive. The same principle can be applied to other tasks that need to be completed by teams. Time is money. Cloud-based filing helps your employees save time by creating documents in real-time. Additionally, the document is stored securely without having to be printed and filed.

#2 Greater Organization
Cloud-based filing requires a digital scanner. Many modern all-in-one printers and copiers are equipped with high-quality scanners. Employees can also be equipped with portable scanners so that they can scan and upload documents while on business trips. These portable scanners can be synced with mobile phone apps to promote ease of filing. Just scan, upload and store.

This increased level of organization can help you complete taxes more efficiently. You can scan and upload all of your receipts. These receipts can then be exported to programs like QuickBooks and TurboTax. Scanning and uploading your receipts can also help your accounting department prepare accurate budgets and keep tabs on spending.

#3 Remote Access and Security
The beauty of cloud-based filing is that all files, whether scanned or created, are stored securely and can even be further encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, these files can be accessed remotely and can be made accessible to all team members. Therefore, the need to print multiple copies is eliminated.

Cloud-based filing is the way of the future. It facilitates greater collaboration, greater organization, remote access, and security. Maintaining a cloud-based filing system is also simple and inexpensive. Get a cloud-based filing system for your business today.


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