Genuine Toners vs Generic Toners: Who Wins the War?

Business owners are constantly faced with tough decisions. There are so many decisions to make that the choice between a genuine and a generic toner seems clear-cut. Why not choose the cheapest option? Genuine toners can be pretty pricey. Choosing a cheap generic toner, however, often doesn’t bode well in the long term. Understanding the benefits of genuine toners requires an appreciation of the potent differences between the two options.

Generic Toners
Generic toners are supposedly compatible with brand printers, but produced by third party manufacturers. They are never endorsed by printer brands and actually do more harm than good in the long-term. Most generic toners use refillable ink of a lower quality than genuine toners. Furthermore, although some generic toners are “new”, they are still made from lower quality parts and inks.

What does this ultimately mean? Although you pay less for each generic toner, you will get sub-quality printouts. Your colored prints will be less than impressive and this could lead to unhappy clients. These toners will also damage the printer through more printer jams and paper burns. Finally, there is a great disparity between what generic toner manufacturers claim and reality. One of the biggest claims of generic toner manufacturers make is that their toners are compatible with all brand name printers. However, they do not have access to the technology that drives Fuji Xerox printers and, therefore, could not be able to create compatible toners.

Genuine Toners
Genuine toners are produced directly by the printer manufacturer. The only weapon in a generic toner’s arsenal is lower prices. Genuine toners will always be expensive because printer manufacturers attempt to make back printer costs through toner sales. In other words, what you pay for your printer isn’t the real costs of manufacturing it. The only way for printer companies to recoup is to sell toners at high prices. Genuine toners, although pricey, guarantee quality printouts and a longer printer life.

Fuji Xerox copier utilize Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Toners. EA Is a chemical process produces the right size particles for printing. All genuine Fuji Xerox toners are expertly designed to fit Fuji Xerox copier machine and adjust well to the paper being used for printing. Consequently, clear, high-quality printouts that last longer are produced.

Genuine toners are the clear winners in the toner battle. Generic toners are cheaper, but they present a myriad of challenges that result in high costs over time.

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