4 Effective Strategies for Managing Long-Term Printer Costs

The perfect printer is the right combination of efficiency, cost, and security. The best printers for businesses are usually very expensive. This initial cost is often the first, and only, factor entrepreneurs consider when purchasing a printer(s) for their businesses. However, long-term printer costs are a major factor to consider. If printer costs are managed over the long-term, your business can see considerable savings. Long-term printer costs include toners, maintenance, energy conservation, and daily usage. This article highlights 4 effective strategies that will help you effectively manage each of these long-term printer costs.

#1 Use Energy Efficient Toners
Always invest in efficient  and genuine toners. The EA-Eco Toner is one of the most efficient printer toners on the market. Every laser printer consists of a fuser unit which is comprised of a toner and hollow tubes with heating elements. The tubes can achieve a maximum temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. The EA Eco Toner operates 20 degrees lower than traditional toners. This ultimately results in energy savings and a reduction in printing costs.

#2 Purchase a Printer with Fewer Components
Printers with fewer components generally have lower maintenance costs. Search for printers that use LED print-heads. Besides having fewer parts, these print-heads enable small dimension and noise-free printing. They are also more reliable and use less energy.

#3 Ensure that the Printer is Energy Star Compliant
Printers that meet Energy Star requirements are highly efficient. Printers that have high Energy Star ratings meet the following requirements:

  • Sleep mode and automatic shutdown. The printer is either shut down or put in sleep mode after prolonged periods of inactivity.
  • Automatic duplex printing. Printers that automatically flip pages to facilitate double-sided printing truly help in saving costs.
  • A variety of settings with an economy setting being readily available.
  • Different cartridges for each color. Printers that use one ink cartridge ultimately result in higher spending. Colors are used at different rates. However, if a color finishes in a multi-color cartridge the entire cartridge has to be replaced.
  • An ink monitor.

Printers with these features have lower operational costs.

#4 Purchase a Printer with a Printer Management Service
Printer management services monitor your printer usage. Two of the most crucial features you can track are the amount of copies made per individual and how often colored copies are used. Don’t ignore what your printer tells you. Use the data to make wise decisions about your printing. Get a reliable supplier that provide copier maintenance contract. A highly efficient printer will save your company’s bottom-line.

Long-term printing costs can be minimized by using the 4 strategies outlined in this article. Each strategy will help you make your printer more efficient.

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