5 Key Benefits of Having A Copier Maintenance Contracts

Poor maintenance accounts for most of the regular downtime of copiers. Just few minutes with a broken copier can make you miss a crucial business presentation or miss a delivery deadline that can cast a dark cloud over your business reputation.

One of the easiest ways to guarantee smooth print operations is not to cut corners on your copier maintenance. So to reduce downtime and increase productivity, you’ll have to ensure your copier is appropriately maintained – by the right people.

But the question is should you opt for a copier maintenance contract or rely on a team or someone you’ll have to call when your machine starts squeaking?

Why you should opt for a copier maintenance contract
1. Predictable Maintenance Cost
It’s hard to predict the cost of inviting an expert for copier maintenance every time you need one. Worst still, these costs are never the same, leaving you in doubt whenever your copier requires attention.
But with a maintenance agreement, you can accurately predict and manage your copier maintenance cost in long term. This gives you the chance to plan ahead so your maintenance fee wouldn’t affect your business in any way.

2. Predictable service response time
Speed is now one of the core aspect of any business. If your copier starts malfunctioning all of a sudden, and you have a maintenance contract, you can predict how long it will take the team to arrive and fix the problem. But without a contract, you’ll have to rely on people without any obligation to show up when you want them to.

3. Play smart and play safe
With a maintenance contract, you can invite the maintenance team once you observe any glitch regardless of how small it is. The best part? You can invite them for as many times as you want, except a predefined number of times is stated in your contract. So I’ll suggest you play smart and safe with your business. Don’t wait until your copier can no longer function before you start making calls.

4. Put up with experts
Copiers are complex machines and should never be used for experiments. Copier maintenance companies have teams of experts who are trained to maintain and fix copiers. Some of these experts only specialize on a specific type of copier. So your copier will be maintained by the exact expert for the job.
But without a maintenance contract, you may have to put up with someone who is a jack-of-all-trade and who may end up experimenting with your machine.

5. Precise and complete service record
Once you have a copier maintenance contract, the maintenance team will create a service record for your machine. This is not only useful for the mechanical health of your copier, but relevant for warranty purpose, leasing and even insurance.

But without a contract, you may have to rely on several different people to work on your copier. Odds are they’ll leave you with incomplete and fragmented service records that can cause more problems and disagreements in the near future.

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