The Difference Between Copier Rental or Copier Lease

At a glance, you will be confused to understand what is the difference between photocopier rental and photocopier lease. Literally, rental and lease have the same meaning. In this article, we will help you to understand both of it and pick what is the best for you.

Both are rented. Yet, photocopier rental may be more flexible since you can rent it by monthly. It fits if you need for short period or need a frequent upgrade based on latest trend of a photocopy machine. As we know, these days technology has developed so quickly. By using photocopier lease, you have to sign an agreement to lease it for minimum 12 months, 24 months or more (commonly, a business company will lease around 2-5 years). It makes you can’t just cancel/stop your subscription to upgrade or change the device.

Checklist to choose either rent or lease
Checklist #1: Do your business need at least 700 copies per month?
If your monthly print less than 700 copies, consider using photocopier rental. Photocopier Lease is worth if you print more than a thousand copies in a month. However, photocopier rental will be more costly compare to copier lease. Usually, the longer you lease, the leaser will give you a cheaper rate.

Checklist #2: Is it for the long-run project or small project?
It doesn’t make sense if you are paying for yearly for small or short-term project. Photocopier rental will save up more expenses because of the flexibility. You can stop the contract anytime you don’t need it, or when your project end, or to upgrade or downgrade the photocopier machines based on your needs.

Checklist #3: Are you a new or established business/company?
For a new business, you need money for many areas of expenses. Lease for photocopier maybe too costly since your business hasn’t stable yet. It may be useful to use photocopier rent. It surely will be a little expensive but you don’t have to be bonded by the contract. Besides, if you are new, you don’t need machine with high specifications. You can start with entry level copier machine first, because the more detailed and high specification, the more expensive it would be.

Alternatively, you can also buy a secondhand copier machine reduce your monthly pay. It will be enough, based on your expense, speed, and specification.

Commonly, company business will get more value for using photocopier lease. They will pay less monthly. If you are a small or new business, it will make sense if you allocate your money for using photocopier rental. You are flexible to upgrade, downgrade, or buy a new one.

At BT Copys, we understand our customer business needs and provide both copier rental and copier lease.
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