How To Communicate Effectively With Millennial Employees

Millennials are the most connected and diverse generation in history. They are more tech savvy and fun loving than Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers. Interestingly, millennials are multitaskers and they’re equipped with several different methods of communication more than ever. So their language is constantly evolving, and communicating with them effectively is now a key challenge, especially for business managers.

“As the workplace evolves, and millennials continue to comprise the vast majority of the workforce, the importance of communicating and engaging with employees has never been more important,” says Jeff Corbin, CEO and founder of APPrise Mobile. “There is definitely a shift taking place from ‘old school’ and legacy communications solutions like email and corporate intranets to newer, more mobile friendly tools.”

So if you’re a manager with a millennial workforce, how exactly can you communicate effectively with them? Let’s find out!

Use Technology
An average millennial grew up communicating via technology; computers, cell phones, smart devices, games etc. Now millennials are heavy users of social media and they’re constantly communicating via digital devices such as laptops, smartphones and other smart devices. Since millennials are used to communicating via latest technology, you can communicate with them easily using digital communication tools such as Skype, and other interactive apps. A user-friendly office tool such as DocuMate Scanners that connects to most apps and the new Xerox Color Copier can make communication with millennials easier.

Keep Them In The Loop
Millennials enjoy being part of something big, so make sure you don’t keep them in the dark. Communicate your business vision and goals clearly so they’ll know exactly what you’re driving at. Once they buy into your idea and the big picture, communicating with them becomes absolutely easier. Millennials want regular feedback. Commend them publicly and if you have to criticize for any reason, do so privately without sounding harsh and unrealistic.

Keep It Simple, Brief, and Meaningful
Millennials communicate better when you say exactly what you mean in a brief and meaningful way. This is one of the reasons why many millennials use acronyms, abbreviations, emojis, and memes/gifs. While you many not use acronyms and emojis, make sure you keep your communication with millennials simple, brief, and absolutely meaningful.

“It’s about being able to communicate what we have to resonate with them,” says Jan Rogers, former SIEDO director. “Hopefully, speak to them in their language as opposed to the language of the past.”

Make Your Workplace A Fun Place
Millennials enjoy socializing, and they get bored easily. So working in a boring environment can dampen their spirit. So make your work place more fun and interesting. Create room for your millennial workforce to interact easily, multitask, make friends, have lunch with colleagues, and even plan your company’s events. Millennials enjoy working in groups and teams. They consider it an opportunity to have more fun while working. So encourage them to work as a team to make your workplace a fun place.

Bottom line
“The need to recruit and retain good talent isn’t new. Employers say it is more difficult than ever because the millennial generation is so different and the rules of the game seem to change daily,” says Jeff Hough, SIEDO director.

But if you understand exactly how to communicate with the ever growing millennial workforce, recruiting, retaining and bringing out the best in them becomes absolutely easy.

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