Tips For Copier Leasing

Buying a copier can be an extra financial burden for several businesses, especially startups and SMEs. But with a lease, you wouldn’t have to pay one lump sum to have a copier. Rather, it’s more of a pay-as-you-use and you can spread that payment across the entire leasing period. But leasing a copier is absolutely different from leasing the right copier.

So what exactly should you consider when you’re looking to lease the right copier for your business?

Key Tips For Copier Leasing
What’s The Right Type of Copier for Your Office?
Most copiers are either Laser, Digital or Inkjet and they are all unique. So which one should you opt for? Let’s find out.

Inkjet printers
These are lower capacity printers that require replacing papers and inks more often than other printers. Compared to laser and digital printers, inkjets prints at a far lower speed rate. Also, while other printers can print at 6 cents per page, inkjets prints at 20 cents per page. Bottom line? Inkjet printers aren’t ideal for businesses.

Laser printers
Laser copiers print faster than inkjets and their toners costs less per page compared to an actual ink. Laser printers are designed to print higher quality documents compared to inkjets.

Digital printers
These printers are designed with inbuilt scanners. So they can scan and store documents and they boast of the highest quality of printed documents. Perhaps, the easiest way to get a digital laser printer is to request for a Xerox printer whenever you’re looking to lease a printer.

What Copier Speed Is The Right One For Your Business?

Speed is one of the key things to consider when leasing a copier. If the copier will be the first in your office, odds are you’ll need a copier that prints 30ppm (pages per minute). With such a copier, you’ll get a printed page every two seconds.

If most of what you print in your office are emails, proposals, memorandums, letters, and contract pages etc. a 30ppm multifunction copier may be all you need.

But if you own an office that relies on a paper filing system or a law office that requires consistent printing of presentations for clients, your best bet could be a mid-range multifunction copier with a speed of 45ppm.

So what happens when you’re no longer interested in a copier lease?


How to get out of a copier lease contract
First, the average month of a copier lease is 24 – 36 months. But some firms prefer a longer lease period to cut the monthly rate by spreading the payment.

How to get out of your copier lease agreement should be included in the lease contract you signed. So read the fine print carefully before signing on the dotted lines. If you don’t agree with the process of getting out of the lease, don’t sign the deal. Request for a change, or consider other leasing companies. Also, you can choose a short-term leasing agreement and renew it regularly so you can opt out during any of the renewal windows.

Here you can learn more about the differences between copier lease and copier rental.

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